How to speak Aussie

G’day mate !

When you arrive in Australia (or Straya as they say), it can be pretty hard to understand an Aussie (= Australian).

Indeed, Aussies shorten all the words and use some slang that you never learn at school !

But fear not, you can prepare some vocabulary to be able to rock your convo (= conversation) with an Aussie. 😉

For instance, you can start by watching this video to make you speak like they do in Straya and impress your mates during your arvo (= afternoon) break at Macca’s (= McDonald’s).


Yes, that’s how they speak in Straya !

But don’t worry, Aussie are friendly so if you don’t understand a word, they’ll be happy to explain it to you !

And if you are scared to forget those words, we have prepared you a sheet with the most common words and expressions in Straya :

Download (Aussie-slang.pdf)